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Amsco Alert
Since 2009, JMAP has published Amsco's textbooks and related resources.  The new owners of Amsco demanded JMAP cease publication of their resources as of May 20th.  JMAP has negotiated an arrangement with Amsco so that their resources will be available until June 30, 2015.

JMAP encourages you to download Amsco's educational resources while available by clicking here.

The 217 mb zipped file above contains:
Amsco's Integrated Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2 and Trigonometry Textbooks
Amsco's Tests, Enrichment Activities, SAT Prep Worksheets and NYS Curriculum Correlations tied to the Textbooks
Amsco's Earth Science and Living Environment Test Generators
JMAP's Regents Worksheets tied to the Integrated Algebra 1 textbook in WS and PDF formats

JMAP provides a zipped folder containing pdfs of the table of contents, chapters and index of Amsco's Integrated Algebra textbook:

Amsco's Integrated Algebra Textbook

You may also access each individual chapter from the textbook by clicking on the chapter name below.  For more information about Amsco's Integrated Algebra textbook, please visit Amcso's website.

JMAP provides the following resources coordinated with Amsco's Integrated Algebra textbook:

Similar resources tied to Amsco's Geometry and Algebra 2 & Trigonometry textbooks are also available.

Amsco Integrated Algebra textbook
CH 4     CH 8     CH 12     CH 16# FORMAT
CH 1 Number Systems 34 WS PDF SAT TE
1-1 The Integers10 WS PDF ACY
1-2 The Rational Numbers      ACY
1-3 The Irrational Numbers10 WS PDF ACY
1-4 The Real Numbers14 WS PDF ACY
1-5 Numbers as Measurements     
CH 2 Operations & Properties 37 WS PDF SAT TE
2-1 Order of Operations3 WS PDF ACY
2-2 Properties of Operations32 WS PDF ACY
2-3 Addition of Signed Numbers     
2-4 Subtraction of Signed Numbers1 WS PDF
2-5 Multiplication of Signed Numbers      ACY
2-6 Division of Signed Numbers     
2-7 Operations with Sets1 WS PDF
2-8 Graphing Number Pairs      ACY  
CH 3 Algebraic Expressions & Open Sentences 12 WS PDF SAT TE
3-1 Using Letters to Represent Numbers      ACY
3-2 Translating Verbal Phrases into Symbols6 WS PDF ACY
3-3 Algebraic Terms and Vocabulary     
3-4 Writing Algebraic Expressions in Words     
3-5 Evaluating Algebraic Expressions6 WS PDF
3-6 Open Sentences and Solution Sets     
3-7 Writing Formulas      ACY
Amsco Integrated Algebra textbook CH 4 First Degree Equations & Inequalities in One Variable71 WS PDF SAT TE
4-1 Solving Equations Using More Than One Operation5 WS PDF
4-2 Simplifying Each Side of an Equation5 WS PDF ACY
4-3 Solving Equations that Have the Variable in Both Sides9 WS PDF ACY
4-4 Using Formulas to Solve Problems22 WS PDF ACY
4-5 Solving for a Variable in Terms of Another Variable7 WS PDF
4-6 Transforming Formulas5 WS PDF
4-7 Properties of Inequalities      ACY  
4-8 Finding and Graphing the Solution Set of an Inequality11 WS PDF    
4-9 Using Inequalities to Solve Problems7 WS PDF    
CH 5 Operations with Algebraic Expressions 64 WS PDF SAT TE
5-1 Adding and Subtracting Algebraic Expressions14 WS PDF ACY
5-2 Multiplying Powers that Have the Same Base8 WS PDF ACY
5-3 Multiplying by a Monomial1 WS PDF
5-4 Multiplying Polynomials3 WS PDF ACY
5-5 Dividing Powers that Have the Same Base     
5-6 Powers with Zero and Negative Exponents7 WS PDF
5-7 Scientific Notation21 WS PDF
5-8 Dividing by a Monomial10 WS PDF    
5-9 Dividing by a Binomial         
CH 6 Ratio & Proportion 39 WS PDF SAT TE
6-1 Ratio      ACY
6-2 Using a Ratio to Express a Rate2 WS PDF ACY
6-3 Verbal Problems Involving Ratio6 WS PDF ACY
6-4 Proportion1 WS PDF ACY
6-5 Direct Variation12 WS PDF
6-6 Percent and Percentage Problems14 WS PDF
6-7 Changing Unit of Measure4 WS PDF
CH 7 Geometric Figures, Areas, & Volumes 87 WS PDF SAT TE
7-1 Points, Lines, and Planes     
7-2 Pairs of Angles12 WS PDF
7-3 Angles and Parallel Lines11 WS PDF
7-4 Triangles25 WS PDF ACY
7-5 Quadrilaterals16 WS PDF ACY
7-6 Areas of Irregular Polygons3 WS PDF ACY
7-7 Surface Areas of Solids         
7-8 Volumes of Solids20 WS PDF    
Amsco Integrated Algebra textbook CH 8 Trigonometry of the Right Triangle 43 WS PDF SAT TE
8-1 The Pythagorean Theorem19 WS PDF ACY
8-2 The Tangent Ratio1 WS PDF
8-3 Applications of the Tangent Ratio      ACY
8-4 The Sine and Cosine Ratios2 WS PDF
8-5 Applications of the Sine and Cosine Ratios     
8-6 Solving Problems Using Trigonometric Ratios21 WS PDF ACY
CH 9 Graphing Linear Functions & Relations 55 WS PDF SAT TE
9-1 Sets, Relations, and Functions6 WS PDF
9-2 Graphing Linear Functions Using Their Solutions     
9-3 Graphing A Line Parallel to an Axis1 WS PDF ACY
9-4 The Slope of a Line9 WS PDF
9-5 The Slope of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines11 WS PDF
9-6 The Intercepts of a Line8 WS PDF
9-7 Graphing Linear Functions Using Slopes1 WS PDF ACY
9-8 Graphing Direct Variation     
9-9 Graphing First-Degree Inequalities in Two Variables6 WS PDF    
9-10 Graphs Involving Absolute Value4 WS PDF ACY  
9-11 Graphs Involving Exponential Functions9 WS PDF ACY  
CH 10 Writing & Solving Systems of Linear Functions50 WS PDF SAT TE
10-1 Writing an Equation Given Slope and One Point     
10-2 Writing an Equation Given Two Points3 WS PDF
10-3 Writing an Equation Given the Intercepts     
10-4 Using a Graph to Solve a System of Linear Equations1 WS PDF
10-5 Using Addition to Solve a System of Linear Equations6 WS PDF ACY
10-6 Using Substitution to Solve a System of Linear Equations      ACY
10-7 Using Systems of Equations to Solve Verbal Problems35 WS PDF
10-8 Graphing the Solution Set of a System of Inequalities5 WS PDF ACY
CH 11 Special Products & Factors 17 WS PDF SAT TE
11-1 Factors and Factoring      ACY
11-2 Common Monomial Factors2 WS PDF
11-3 The Square of a Monomial     
11-4 Multiplying the Sum and Difference of Two Terms     
11-5 Factoring the Difference of Two Perfect Squares5 WS PDF ACY
11-6 Multiplying Binomials     
11-7 Factoring Trinomials4 WS PDF ACY  
11-8 Factoring a Polynomial Completely6 WS PDF    
Amsco Integrated Algebra textbook CH 12 Operations with Radicals 26 WS PDF SAT TE
12-1 Radicals and the Rational Numbers1 WS PDF
12-2 Radicals and the Irrational Numbers6 WS PDF ACY
12-3 Finding the Principal Square Root of a Number     
12-4 Simplifying a Square-Root Radical5 WS PDF ACY
12-5 Addition and Subtraction of Radicals10 WS PDF
12-6 Multiplication of Square-Root Radicals3 WS PDF
12-7 Division of Square-Root Radicals1 WS PDF ACY
CH 13 Quadratic Relations & Functions 55 WS PDF SAT TE
13-1 Solving Quadratic Equations31 WS PDF
13-2 The Graph of a Quadratic Function13 WS PDF ACY
13-3 Finding Roots from a Graph2 WS PDF
13-4 Graphic Solution of a Quadratic-Linear System4 WS PDF ACY
13-5 Algebraic Solution of a Quadratic-Linear System5 WS PDF
CH 14 Algebraic Fractions, & Equations & Inequalities Involving Fractions 66 WS PDF SAT TE
14-1 The Meaning of an Algebraic Fraction7 WS PDF
14-2 Reducing Fractions to Lowest Terms11 WS PDF ACY
14-3 Multiplying Fractions3 WS PDF
14-4 Dividing Fractions4 WS PDF
14-5 Adding or Subtracting Algebraic Fractions11 WS PDF ACY
14-6 Solving Equations with Fractional Coefficients17 WS PDF
14-7 Solving Inequalities with Fractional Coefficients1 WS PDF ACY
14-8 Solving Fractional Equations12 WS PDF ACY
CH 15 Probability 80 WS PDF SAT TE
15-1 Empirical Probability5 WS PDF
15-2 Theoretical Probability     
15-3 Evaluating Simple Probabilities5 WS PDF ACY
15-4 The Probability of (A and B)     
15-5 The Probability of (A or B)1 WS PDF
15-6 The Probability of (Not A)4 WS PDF ACY
15-7 The Counting Principle, Sample Spaces, and Probability19 WS PDF ACY  
15-8 Probabilities with Two or More Activities6 WS PDF ACY  
15-9 Permutations16 WS PDF    
15-10 Permutations with Repetition2 WS PDF    
15-11 Combinations17 WS PDF    
15-12 Permutations, Combinations, and Probability5 WS PDF ACY  
Amsco Integrated Algebra textbook CH 16 Statistics 58 WS PDF SAT TE
16-1 Collecting Data1 WS PDF ACY
16-2 Organizing Data3 WS PDF
16-3 The Histogram5 WS PDF
16-4 The Mean, the Median, and the Mode25 WS PDF ACY
16-5 Measures of Central Tendency and Grouped Data4 WS PDF
16-6 Quartiles, Percentiles, and Cumulative Frequency6 WS PDF
16-7 Bivariate Statistics14 WS PDF ACY
All Worksheets by Chapter794 WS PDF


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